Oh Dear God, It Could Have Been Us…

Tonight, I just want to say:

To all the Police, of all departments and ranks. Thank you for caring. Thank you for working off duty as crowd control, only to find yourselves saving lives and rescuing folks and rushing them to the hospital. As a parent, and as a human, I thank you with all my heart. For all the guff you get from the kids, when you’re walking the Mall, tell them, it could have been us…

To the Fire and Rescue/EMS personnel: Thank you, for staffing stations, for getting in and getting out w/in minutes. For all the Mass Casualty drills you run. For the sleepless hours you keep. For ALWAYS going above and beyond, volunteer or paid. For walking into scenes straight out of hell… And knowing full well, it could have been us…

To the 911/Emergency Call Center: You who must sort out what you’re hearing and knowing who to send where and knowing that it all needs to be done, like, yesterday. Thank you for keeping your compatriots calm and feeling in-control themselves, just by your voices. You, too, know it could have been us…

To the doctors and nurses that make up any fine hospital. We may grumble about longer lines than we feel like sitting in, and grumble at you for not fixing up what we don’t know is wrong ourselves. However, we know you are there when our children are bleeding and our neighbors have been shot and every medical personnel the hospital has turns out and works three days straight. But for you, it could have been us…

And to all the decent folks in Aurora, CO. who, once again, are flocking to help in any way they can, sending food, lending beds for their displaced neighbors, sending water, calling, writing letters, bucking up those in charge and making the townsfolk feel, in the middle of hell, that even tho it WASN’T us and it WAS them, they can hold their heads up and be proud of the hundred thousand stories of bravery and soul-to-soul protection and caring those folks in that theater showed to each other. They never get used to it…but they always bring out their best in hellish times. And dammit, it always seems to be them!

So, for the preachers and priests in Aurora tonight, who themselves, must find the words to explain to folks who can’t comprehend what’s happened yet, WHY it was them, and WHY some were shot and some got away, and WHY God would keep letting such ugly things go on and on, I pray for you all, that it never will be anyone, ever again…

And to the parents, hug your kids tight today, tell them you love them, that you know they have smarts and they’re good and that they always have you to turn to if they need anything. Remember, it could have been us…

You just never know when… 😥


Image property of Thomas Cooper/Getty Images

5 thoughts on “Oh Dear God, It Could Have Been Us…

  1. A BEAUTIFUL and much needed 1st blog! Thank You for saying what we ALL need to say to these brave, caring individuals. Seems they are the 1st to get scorned when all doesn’t go right, and the last to be praised when it does.

    Congrats on your new blog-site! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Terry, I’m most honored! 🙂 I was EMS for a while (4 yrs) and my husband (where I met him!) was a firefighter for 10 years, EMS for 6 and a correctional officer for 20. I didn’t make the cut, no one told me was I SUPPOSED to be terrified! LOL!!

    • My pleasure, Christine.
      As for being terrified-I would think that if you WERE NOT terrified in any of those 3 occupations, you just aren’t paying attention !

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